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LibreOffice in The Matrix [m]

If you use the Riot Element App (or any other) to connect to the Matrix and communicate, there's now a LibreOffice room that is plumbed with the #libreoffice IRC channel on Libera.Chat. IRC channels are bridged to the matrix already for some time, but so far you had to type
in your matrix mobile app, or in the browser app know the bridge exists and select from the list, now you can just search in the available matrix rooms for LibreOffice and join. Or use this invitation link. This should be a convenient method to join a chat with other LibreOffice users for people who otherwise don't use IRC or don't want to install an IRC app just for this on their mobile, smartphone, tablet..

The #libreoffice IRC channel and thus the LibreOffice matrix room is dedicated to user questions around all LibreOffice applications. Join and enjoy, get help and help others.

LibreOffice Hackfest at Hamburg

Thanks to CIB, who sponsored the event with their office location, drinks and food, we again had a LibreOffice Hackfest at Hamburg on Saturday/Sunday October 24/25, and a get-together on Friday evening with the opportunity to meet also some long time colleagues from Sun and Star.

My timeline:

  • followed a nice introduction to the help authoring extension held by Regina Henschel, for how to install and use it see the documentation in the wiki
  • changed our own implementation of rtl_math_{erf,erfc} to follow the C++11 standard's specification for input of Inf and NaN
  • added unit tests for rtl_math_{erf,erfc,expm1,log1p}
  • replaced implementation of rtl_math_{erf,erfc} with ::std::{erf,erfc}
  • attended a Gerrit inline editing introduction by David Ostrovsky (yet another time his favorite feature ;)
  • replaced implementation of rtl_math_{expm1,log1p} with ::std::{expm1,log1p}
  • dug with Regina into the help authoring extension to spot a place for switching the license text written based on the difference between existing and new file, but the convoluted agglomeration of template, fields, Basic and XSLT and the license text being an XML comment in .xhp didn't offer a quick and easy to spot solution, Kendy please take over ;)

But, as usual no new hacker was interested in diving into Calc core code.. maybe you at one of the next Hackfests?

See also the other achievements.

Last but not least, the important event of ordering pizza online:

The not to be underestimated event of ordering pizza online.
The not to be underestimated event of ordering pizza online.

For more and better pictures see Björn on G+


LibreOffice Conference 2015 Aarhus Talk Slides

To those who want to review, the slides of my talk at the LibreOffice Conference in Aarhus are available as PDF from the conference's assets or from my own materials folder. Most if not all presenters have made the slides of their talks available at the LibreOffice conference site, take a look at the individual program pages.

Five years of LibreOffice – Happy Birthday, LibreOffice!

The huge success of LibreOffice, not only as a software package but as a Free Software project as a whole, can only be measured and expressed by giving credit to all who are involved and all that has been done. So thank you, all contributors to the project! To celebrate, The Document Foundation has compiled a history "leaflet" (well, it's more like a midsize tree ;-) of blog posts, articles, release notes, work that has been done etceteraetcetera. It is available in two versions, the "mini" (700 pages, 11MB) and the "maxi" (1300 pages, 18MB) versions as PDF files. For URLs see the TDF's Five years of LibreOffice blog post.

Happy Birthday, LibreOffice!

LibreOffice 4.4 should have been called 5.0, because it is that much better

Netrunner MAG did LibreOffice 4.4 review – Finally, it rocks and concludes with I have never quite expected this. In fact, LibreOffice 4.4 should have been called 5.0, because it is that much better.
All the little things I wanted are there. Check. Everything purrs like a kitten engorged on baby seal livers. Check. Awesomeness everything, and I am searching for more fanatic wording to convince you that you should abandon all and everything you’re doing and start testing LibreOffice. This is a monumental release, and I only have absolute praise. Well done.
Enough said. And thank you. Every user and everyone involved with the project. Thank you all for making LibreOffice that much better.

Happy Birthday TDF!

The Document Foundation: The Third Anniversary reads:
The Document Foundation has been incorporated on February 17, 2012. Today is the third anniversary, and this video is a testimonial of the activity of many members of the fantastic LibreOffice community in representation of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of developers. Thanks everyone for the wonderful journey.
and Italo Vignoli assembled this video of nice LibreOffice community shots:

Happy Birthday TDF!