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LibreOffice Hackfest at Hamburg

Thanks to CIB, who sponsored the event with their office location, drinks and food, we again had a LibreOffice Hackfest at Hamburg on Saturday/Sunday October 24/25, and a get-together on Friday evening with the opportunity to meet also some long time colleagues from Sun and Star.

My timeline:

  • followed a nice introduction to the help authoring extension held by Regina Henschel, for how to install and use it see the documentation in the wiki
  • changed our own implementation of rtl_math_{erf,erfc} to follow the C++11 standard's specification for input of Inf and NaN
  • added unit tests for rtl_math_{erf,erfc,expm1,log1p}
  • replaced implementation of rtl_math_{erf,erfc} with ::std::{erf,erfc}
  • attended a Gerrit inline editing introduction by David Ostrovsky (yet another time his favorite feature ;)
  • replaced implementation of rtl_math_{expm1,log1p} with ::std::{expm1,log1p}
  • dug with Regina into the help authoring extension to spot a place for switching the license text written based on the difference between existing and new file, but the convoluted agglomeration of template, fields, Basic and XSLT and the license text being an XML comment in .xhp didn't offer a quick and easy to spot solution, Kendy please take over ;)

But, as usual no new hacker was interested in diving into Calc core code.. maybe you at one of the next Hackfests?

See also the other achievements.

Last but not least, the important event of ordering pizza online:

The not to be underestimated event of ordering pizza online.
The not to be underestimated event of ordering pizza online.

For more and better pictures see Björn on G+