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LibreOffice Hamburg Hackfest Retrospective

So the weekend before we had the LibreOffice Hackfest in Hamburg, a roundup of 22-24 LibreOffice developers exchanging ideas, hacking on things, fixing bugs and having fun, Club-Mate, cola, beer, pizza, börek, bread rolls and strawberries.

This time we even had not only participants from different countries but also different continents, as 5 devs from the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) of Saudi Arabia were present. KACST recently joined The Document Foundation's Advisory Board and sponsors the Saudi Arabian National Program for Free and Open Source Software Technologies.

Friday evening we started with the socializing event ...

... at the Schach-Café (chess café)

These previous three images and the next one are embedded from Miklos' Flickr album.


Saturday and Sunday then we met at the Attraktor Makerspace (site in German) for the actual hacking to take place.

After quite a short Saturday night for a few ...

... we ignored Sunday's sunshine and continued.

Space and people.
Space and people.
The KACST group.
The KACST group.
David thinks I'd photograph him.
David thinks I'd photograph him.
Yes, that is a working Star Trek pinball machine!
Yes, that is a working Star Trek pinball machine!


The overall achievements are captured on the Hackfest's wiki page, in summary among others we

  • fixed at least 8 bugs
  • implemented 2-3 features
  • made the French Bug Submission Assistant (BSA) go ready for production
  • worked on Java unit test to Python migration
  • bootstrapped two new tinderboxes for Windows builds
  • did lots of small things
  • last but not least, socialized with known and new people

You missed it? Or want to join (again)? The next opportunities will be

See you then, and Happy Hacking on LibreOffice!