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LOL, Coingen

For only 0.05 BTC you can have an altcoin generated, tweak a few parameters, add an icon, pay 0.10 BTC to have the Coingen branding removed on the start page, another 0.05 BTC extra to have source code included.

Think you can market an altcoin better than Dogecoin, Catcoin, or even Litecoin? Want to create your own coin and get in on this gravy train? Follow this simple form to get started with your very own altcoin!
No, I won't include a link, I'm pretty sure you'll dig it out if you need to, dig as in mining, diggin' it, digga?


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Jawad Yaqub on :

We had issues with Coingen when we ordered a coin -(it was dead and the codebase crippled) so we rebuilt it ourselves from Bitcoin/Litecoin source, and in the process created an altcoin factory.

Please can you tell your readers if they want a live tested coin with genesis block active and also free support to mine and trade then get in touch. We hold ourselves accountable. The site is over at thanks!

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